Bicycling in the Fall

Hi fellow bicycle riders!

I think that the Fall of the year is an optimum time for riding. The temperature has cooled just enough to make the ride super pleasant. Scenery is so picturesque when the leaves begin to change colors (in most places anyway).  I always take my J&G Yellowjacket wind jacket along just in case it cools off a bit too much or the sun becomes too intense on my skin. The “sun too intense on my skin” is a phrase I’ve only become to understand since moving to Arizona. Each area of the country has it’s challenges and rewards. I also love how the fragrances in the air change with the seasons, and that happens no matter where you choose to ride. So I will definitely take advantage of the Fall weather and plan some rides. I hope that you will too!


Lycra Shorts shown with Yellowjacket


A comfy ride!

Being a lazy cyclist lately I have to admit that I haven’t ridden far enough to actually put on a pair of bicycle shorts in the past few months. The other day I donned my pair of J&G Lycra shorts and took a decent ride of 10 miles. My ride was so comfortable that I rode twice as far as I had intended, and in complete comfort. The shorts are “unisex” and, being a woman, I can say that they work well for me. A reminder to put on your bicycle shorts and get out there!

Time to take advantage of our special on Lycra Shorts this month!

Special on Lycra Shorts August 1 – 31


Outstanding Customers

We have the most wonderful customers, and of that I am certain.

They’re intelligent, informed, genuine, and many times just plain
entertaining.  Every day I have the most
stimulating conversations on the telephone with people who I’ve never met face
to face, but I always feel like they are kindred spirits. They share the most
interesting details of their lives and personal experiences. I always come away
from a conversation with a new tidbit of information that either makes me think
about something new or causes me to rethink something to which I was certain I
already knew the answer. From soup to nuts, they talk about everything from new
ideas for products to their views on politics. From the person that called
asking for sizing information and told me he had a “bottom” (a gentle synonym for what he really said) the size of a refrigerator
and wanted to know if we had any bicycle shorts that would fit him, to the man
that described what his bicycle shorts looked like after he’d sewn a pad into
them using red dental floss, to the lady that described the shape of her
sister’s derriere (therefore making it difficult to find bicycle clothing that
fit), they are all unique.

I’ve come to the conclusion that people who ride bicycles not only have an interesting view of
life but they are independent thinkers who think outside the box and refuse to
accept the status quo. What I can’t decide is whether these people choose to
ride bicycles, or whether riding a bicycle makes you a unique thinker. Many
times I wonder why these people take the time to chat and share so much
unsolicited information with me, but I’m always grateful that they do so, and
I’m sure they will keep my mind stimulated for the foreseeable future.

J&G Cyclewear headquarters has moved to Arizona

J&G Cyclewear headquarters has moved to Arizona!

 After two years of planning the logistics of moving our bicycle clothing headquarters to Arizona,
we have finally accomplished it. We are a family run business, and one of our
members developed health issues that made living in the pollen filled air of
the southern Willamette Valley no longer possible. Even with the health issues
pushing us out of Oregon to a drier climate it wasn’t easy leaving. We had
lived in Oregon our entire lives (most of us were born there) and moving meant
completely reinventing life elsewhere. So after saying a sad “goodbye” to
Oregon, we loaded up the old J&G Wagon (which was actually a rental truck
that had no air conditioning and moved as slowly as a wagon pulled by horses!)
we headed south in the heat of August (not a good idea). We are now located in
the pleasant small town of Prescott Arizona which is located approximately half
way between Phoenix and the Grand Canyon. It’s amazing that so many people across
the country know about Prescott, have been here, or have relatives that do live
or have lived here. The local people are so friendly and welcoming and the
landscape is pretty although certainly different than we’re used to viewing. I
hear it doesn’t rain much here, but if you’ve lived in Oregon your entire life
you’ve probably experienced enough rain to last for the rest of your days. We
were thrilled to see that there is an abundance of people riding bicycles here
as it’s the gateway for many interesting bicycling adventures. There is so much
to see and do here that I’m certain we won’t have time to be bored.

 I know that many of our customers are concerned about what this move means for J&G which has
always been an Oregon based business. I want to reassure everyone that, even
though we will be shipping from our new headquarters in Arizona,

all of our manufacturing will remain in Oregon. Our
bicycle clothing was developed in Oregon and its home is there. We contract
with several small home-based cut and sew shops as well as other larger sewing
facilities in the Willamette Valley that have been producing our garments in
Oregon for the past twenty years. We have strong working relationships with all
of these people and want to continue to support those jobs in Oregon. Also, we
believe that keeping our manufacturing in Oregon is essential in maintaining the
high quality of our bicycle clothing.

We will be shipping from Arizona which
only means that your shorts may have traveled a bit farther before they reach
you. That said, we’re still the same people doing the same job and providing
the same quality customer service from a different location.

Domestic Manufacturing

Maintaining domestic manufacturing of bicycle clothing is a
challenge in today’s’ economy. Each year more and more textile mills close
their doors which means that finding fabrics to make bicycle jerseys, bicycle
shorts, and rain wear more difficult to find in the US. Small production shops are
also struggling to make ends meet and many are closing their doors too. Therefore,
not only do we have fewer options here at home, but each day my email is filled
with enticing offers for moving manufacturing to other countries. They all
offer start to finish materials sourcing, design and patternmaking for any type
of bicycle clothing that you can imagine. They promise to deliver a finished quality
product all for one small price. It seems like the perfect solution since no
one is soliciting our manufacturing here at home. But it’s important to me as
well as to the majority of our customers that we keep our production of bicycle
clothing in the US.  A few years ago
people started choosing to manufacture off shore because it was cheaper. I
don’t think they realized that by doing so they would be helping to indirectly
close hundreds of businesses in this country that needed their support to
survive. Even the New York garment district, which was the largest center of
garment manufacturing in the country, no longer exists because of the popular
trend for going off-shore. Now even if large (or small like us) companies
decide that they want to support our economy and bring their production back
home it would be a bigger challenge than I think most are willing to undertake.
The quality of our bicycle clothing is important to us and so is keeping the
manufacturing of our bicycling shorts, jerseys, and rain wear at home in the
USA. We are committed to doing just that.

It rained in the 1980’s too!

Earlier this month on facebook I questioned that anyone would read or be interested in what I might have to say, so I was quite surprised when someone called me and left a voice message in response to the blog I wrote on March 28 of this year titled, “Staying dry on your next bicycle adventure.”

 The person, who did not leave his name or phone number, called to comment quite vehemently on this seemingly innocent statement, “Without proper rainwear protection, you may arrive at your destination soaking wet. It’s easy to understand how uncomfortable and inconvenient this would be as I personally found out on one 4th of July weekend ride a few years ago.” My caller informed me that it had not rained on the 4th of July in Oregon since the year 2000, and that I should get my facts straight! The message made me smile since the weekend to which I was referring was sometime in the 1980’s! I guess that my “a few years ago” is someone else’s ancient history, and that I need to be very specific when I mention a weather event. So I’ve already learned that while people may not necessarily be interested in what I have to say, they ARE paying attention and will take the time to set me straight.

Staying Dry Head to Toe

I am a big fan of rain wear because I absolutely hate to get wet when I’m out in the rain! You’d think that being born in Oregon and growing up on the Oregon coast would have made me quite unaffected by the rain and probably somewhat waterproof. But I have to admit that the complete opposite is true. Sure I was wet everyday because I loved to be outside, and outside meant rain. When I was older and had the opportunity to visit other climates I discovered that people who lived where rain wasn’t an everyday occurrence didn’t see the point of getting wet when it rained. In fact some people didn’t bother to go outside at all when it rained. Of course that’s pretty extreme behavior, but I do believe that you can have fun in the rain, and staying dry by wearing proper rain gear certainly helps with the experience.

When we think of rainwear the first things that come to mind are rain jackets, rain pants, and rain capes. And those are definitely important items to think about when we’re making plans to get back out on our bicycle in the approaching spring showers. But what we often forget when planning our rain gear strategy is that it’s a very good idea to be covered from head to toe, and not just in the middle, in a downpour. There’s nothing worse than soggy shoes and a wet head to make you feel cold and uncomfortable, and that can happen even while wearing your rain jacket and rain pants. Helmet covers and shoe covers, often the forgotten items, will complete your head-to-toe coverage, and are definitely must-have components of your rain gear. We’re having a special on helmet covers in April and May.

Helmet covers and shoe covers are small items with big benefits.  They are easy to stow on your bicycle because they don’t take up much space and they are easy to put on. And let’s face it; every drop of water your rainwear sheds is one less drop of water on you!

Staying Dry on your next Bicycle Adventure

Rainwear is the way you stay dry when riding out in the elements. When the unexpected rain shower suddenly appears, you want a quality, lightweight, smart fitting and easy-to-get-to piece of rain clothing in your day pack, saddle bag or backpack. Rain clothing that doesn’t take up precious space is the bicyclist’s best friend. At the first hint of rain, you can have immediate protection, keeping your clothing dry as the downpour continues. Your rain pants, rain cape, jacket, shoe covers, and helmet cover will shed the rain, keeping you dry, warm and comfortable underneath. It’s like having an instant tent. Whether it’s breathable waterproof, or non-breathable waterproof rain gear it’s the comfortable fitting, stylish protection you want when cycling in the great outdoors. When maximum warmth and dryness are the goal, non-breathable rain gear is the top choice. It holds in all body heat, while keeping outside moisture from penetrating. On the other hand, when you find yourself in need of rain protection during times of strenuous activity, breathable rain gear is a great choice. Breathable rain clothing has moisture transfer qualities. It allows the fabric to move accumulating body moisture from the inside of the fabric to the outside. You stay dry inside and out. Compare breathable and non-breathable rainwear.

Without proper rainwear protection, you may arrive at your destination soaking wet. It’s easy to understand how uncomfortable and inconvenient this would be as I personally found out on one 4th of July weekend ride a few years ago. I should have known better than to take off anywhere at any time of year without rain gear; especially in Oregon. Yes, it did rain, and yes, I did arrive at my destination soaking wet! With proper rain clothing protection you will save yourself time, and avoid the frustration and discomfort of wet clothes. Imagine how uncomfortable it would be to find yourself in the middle of a bike ride when an unexpected rain shower begins. You suddenly realize that you are without quality rain gear protection. You would find yourself at the mercy of the elements, and soon would be wearing clothing that was soaking wet. Rain gear will keep you warm and dry when bicycling. Rainwear is the way you stay dry when bicycling.

In addition, some rain gear offers the added advantage of making you much more visible with its reflective strips that can greatly increase your safety at night and in low visibility situations. Don’t get caught without your rainwear so you can stay dry and enjoy your ride.

Bicycle clothing is what makes or breaks the bicycling experience

Bicycle clothing is what makes or breaks the bicycling experience.

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