Staying Dry on your next Bicycle Adventure

Rainwear is the way you stay dry when riding out in the elements. When the unexpected rain shower suddenly appears, you want a quality, lightweight, smart fitting and easy-to-get-to piece of rain clothing in your day pack, saddle bag or backpack. Rain clothing that doesn’t take up precious space is the bicyclist’s best friend. At the first hint of rain, you can have immediate protection, keeping your clothing dry as the downpour continues. Your rain pants, rain cape, jacket, shoe covers, and helmet cover will shed the rain, keeping you dry, warm and comfortable underneath. It’s like having an instant tent. Whether it’s breathable waterproof, or non-breathable waterproof rain gear it’s the comfortable fitting, stylish protection you want when cycling in the great outdoors. When maximum warmth and dryness are the goal, non-breathable rain gear is the top choice. It holds in all body heat, while keeping outside moisture from penetrating. On the other hand, when you find yourself in need of rain protection during times of strenuous activity, breathable rain gear is a great choice. Breathable rain clothing has moisture transfer qualities. It allows the fabric to move accumulating body moisture from the inside of the fabric to the outside. You stay dry inside and out. Compare breathable and non-breathable rainwear.

Without proper rainwear protection, you may arrive at your destination soaking wet. It’s easy to understand how uncomfortable and inconvenient this would be as I personally found out on one 4th of July weekend ride a few years ago. I should have known better than to take off anywhere at any time of year without rain gear; especially in Oregon. Yes, it did rain, and yes, I did arrive at my destination soaking wet! With proper rain clothing protection you will save yourself time, and avoid the frustration and discomfort of wet clothes. Imagine how uncomfortable it would be to find yourself in the middle of a bike ride when an unexpected rain shower begins. You suddenly realize that you are without quality rain gear protection. You would find yourself at the mercy of the elements, and soon would be wearing clothing that was soaking wet. Rain gear will keep you warm and dry when bicycling. Rainwear is the way you stay dry when bicycling.

In addition, some rain gear offers the added advantage of making you much more visible with its reflective strips that can greatly increase your safety at night and in low visibility situations. Don’t get caught without your rainwear so you can stay dry and enjoy your ride.


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