Outstanding Customers

We have the most wonderful customers, and of that I am certain.

They’re intelligent, informed, genuine, and many times just plain
entertaining.  Every day I have the most
stimulating conversations on the telephone with people who I’ve never met face
to face, but I always feel like they are kindred spirits. They share the most
interesting details of their lives and personal experiences. I always come away
from a conversation with a new tidbit of information that either makes me think
about something new or causes me to rethink something to which I was certain I
already knew the answer. From soup to nuts, they talk about everything from new
ideas for products to their views on politics. From the person that called
asking for sizing information and told me he had a “bottom” (a gentle synonym for what he really said) the size of a refrigerator
and wanted to know if we had any bicycle shorts that would fit him, to the man
that described what his bicycle shorts looked like after he’d sewn a pad into
them using red dental floss, to the lady that described the shape of her
sister’s derriere (therefore making it difficult to find bicycle clothing that
fit), they are all unique.

I’ve come to the conclusion that people who ride bicycles not only have an interesting view of
life but they are independent thinkers who think outside the box and refuse to
accept the status quo. What I can’t decide is whether these people choose to
ride bicycles, or whether riding a bicycle makes you a unique thinker. Many
times I wonder why these people take the time to chat and share so much
unsolicited information with me, but I’m always grateful that they do so, and
I’m sure they will keep my mind stimulated for the foreseeable future.


J&G Cyclewear headquarters has moved to Arizona

J&G Cyclewear headquarters has moved to Arizona!

 After two years of planning the logistics of moving our bicycle clothing headquarters to Arizona,
we have finally accomplished it. We are a family run business, and one of our
members developed health issues that made living in the pollen filled air of
the southern Willamette Valley no longer possible. Even with the health issues
pushing us out of Oregon to a drier climate it wasn’t easy leaving. We had
lived in Oregon our entire lives (most of us were born there) and moving meant
completely reinventing life elsewhere. So after saying a sad “goodbye” to
Oregon, we loaded up the old J&G Wagon (which was actually a rental truck
that had no air conditioning and moved as slowly as a wagon pulled by horses!)
we headed south in the heat of August (not a good idea). We are now located in
the pleasant small town of Prescott Arizona which is located approximately half
way between Phoenix and the Grand Canyon. It’s amazing that so many people across
the country know about Prescott, have been here, or have relatives that do live
or have lived here. The local people are so friendly and welcoming and the
landscape is pretty although certainly different than we’re used to viewing. I
hear it doesn’t rain much here, but if you’ve lived in Oregon your entire life
you’ve probably experienced enough rain to last for the rest of your days. We
were thrilled to see that there is an abundance of people riding bicycles here
as it’s the gateway for many interesting bicycling adventures. There is so much
to see and do here that I’m certain we won’t have time to be bored.

 I know that many of our customers are concerned about what this move means for J&G which has
always been an Oregon based business. I want to reassure everyone that, even
though we will be shipping from our new headquarters in Arizona,

all of our manufacturing will remain in Oregon. Our
bicycle clothing was developed in Oregon and its home is there. We contract
with several small home-based cut and sew shops as well as other larger sewing
facilities in the Willamette Valley that have been producing our garments in
Oregon for the past twenty years. We have strong working relationships with all
of these people and want to continue to support those jobs in Oregon. Also, we
believe that keeping our manufacturing in Oregon is essential in maintaining the
high quality of our bicycle clothing.

We will be shipping from Arizona which
only means that your shorts may have traveled a bit farther before they reach
you. That said, we’re still the same people doing the same job and providing
the same quality customer service from a different location.

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