Bicycling in the Fall

Hi fellow bicycle riders!

I think that the Fall of the year is an optimum time for riding. The temperature has cooled just enough to make the ride super pleasant. Scenery is so picturesque when the leaves begin to change colors (in most places anyway).  I always take my J&G Yellowjacket wind jacket along just in case it cools off a bit too much or the sun becomes too intense on my skin. The “sun too intense on my skin” is a phrase I’ve only become to understand since moving to Arizona. Each area of the country has it’s challenges and rewards. I also love how the fragrances in the air change with the seasons, and that happens no matter where you choose to ride. So I will definitely take advantage of the Fall weather and plan some rides. I hope that you will too!


Lycra Shorts shown with Yellowjacket

A comfy ride!

Being a lazy cyclist lately I have to admit that I haven’t ridden far enough to actually put on a pair of bicycle shorts in the past few months. The other day I donned my pair of J&G Lycra shorts and took a decent ride of 10 miles. My ride was so comfortable that I rode twice as far as I had intended, and in complete comfort. The shorts are “unisex” and, being a woman, I can say that they work well for me. A reminder to put on your bicycle shorts and get out there!

Time to take advantage of our special on Lycra Shorts this month!

Special on Lycra Shorts August 1 – 31


Domestic Manufacturing

Maintaining domestic manufacturing of bicycle clothing is a
challenge in today’s’ economy. Each year more and more textile mills close
their doors which means that finding fabrics to make bicycle jerseys, bicycle
shorts, and rain wear more difficult to find in the US. Small production shops are
also struggling to make ends meet and many are closing their doors too. Therefore,
not only do we have fewer options here at home, but each day my email is filled
with enticing offers for moving manufacturing to other countries. They all
offer start to finish materials sourcing, design and patternmaking for any type
of bicycle clothing that you can imagine. They promise to deliver a finished quality
product all for one small price. It seems like the perfect solution since no
one is soliciting our manufacturing here at home. But it’s important to me as
well as to the majority of our customers that we keep our production of bicycle
clothing in the US.  A few years ago
people started choosing to manufacture off shore because it was cheaper. I
don’t think they realized that by doing so they would be helping to indirectly
close hundreds of businesses in this country that needed their support to
survive. Even the New York garment district, which was the largest center of
garment manufacturing in the country, no longer exists because of the popular
trend for going off-shore. Now even if large (or small like us) companies
decide that they want to support our economy and bring their production back
home it would be a bigger challenge than I think most are willing to undertake.
The quality of our bicycle clothing is important to us and so is keeping the
manufacturing of our bicycling shorts, jerseys, and rain wear at home in the
USA. We are committed to doing just that.

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