SAVE $5 on the J&G Unisex Lycra Shorts April 1 – 30 !!!!

These traditional Lycra bike shorts are the best for the price that we’ve seen. We have not cut any corners on this quality Lycra Short. The 8-panel design features a 4-way stretch, high quality, 8 oz. Nylon Lycra, flat-stitch construction, and a double layer fleece and Ultrasuede chamois. We’ve compared it to several of the name brand bike shorts on the market, and feel that it wins every time.

Most riders can wear this Lycra Short very comfortably. Its adaptive 8-panel construction, with 4-way stretch, durable 8 oz Nylon Lycra, fits almost everyone. The large Ultrasuede chamois adds further comfort and durability. Special Offer: $5 off Unisex Lycra Shorts, special price $49.95, April 1 — April 30. You’ll see the special price at the cart when you place your order

To order:  http://www.bicycleclothing.com/Lycra-Shorts-Unisex.html



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